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The Green Lifestyle group is about learning to live a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and doing it in a fun and social setting. Knowledge is the key to being able to accomplish this, and we are here to help you acquire it.

An awareness of health and environmental issues has been developing, and over the last few years has finally hit mainstream. Due to lack of knowledge, Green living for one person is using recycled printer paper. For another it's living completely off the grid with solar panels on the roof producing hot water and electricity and growing their own food. And of course there is every shade of green in between.

In starting this group we are proposing the following goals:

*taking the lead by making a personal choice in our own lives to live as Green as possible

*encouraging others to do the same by bringing them to our meets so they can start to build their own Green knowledge and choose the path for themselves.

*attending our Green socials regularly to learn and share with like-minded people

Confucius says: A ship looks beautiful in harbor, though that is not what it was build for.

Come join us. Be a part of the solution and sail your ship.

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It will be a green open house
Needs a date and time

LBD Real Estate LLC

It will be an open house to introduce each other to the group on an informal basis. this location has new solar panels being installed, among other things and environmentally friendly ideas to share with people who are interested. You are welcome to posts topics of interest.

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Next Green meeting is Joint with Naples SolarEnergy Group Meetup

819 Vanderbilt Beach Rd

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