Useful Waste: Repurposing Construction Mockups

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“Useful Waste” is a PSU Center for Public Interest Design led initiative that aims to reframe the industries view on construction waste and encourage material diversion and reuse. The intent of this initiative is to utilize an overlooked material resource – exterior envelope construction mock-ups - by repurposing the material and responding to pressing social needs, such as the local state of housing emergency. Mock-ups are seen as temporary structures and typically end up in the landfill due to lack of pre-planning and immovability. This initiative facilitates a new process of material diversion within the typical construction schedule and requirements. By repurposing a mock-up, a project team:

· diverts material and reduces landfill waste
· reduces embodied carbon impact from materials
· assists project sustainable goals (LEED, etc)
· could receive tax benefits for charitable donations
· contributes to local community efforts

Wednesday 18 September 2019, noon to 1:00 PM

Center for Architecture/AIA Portland
403 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Price: $20. Discounts and fees may apply.

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