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Cold Process Herbal Soapmaking Workshop

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20 people went

Price: $25.00 /per person

Practical Magicka

9741 Flower Street · Bellflower, CA

How to find us

Entrance to classroom, and lots of parking, are at the rear of the building.

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Soapmaking is alchemy of the best kind! OK, so it's not turning lead into gold, but still, you can't take a shower with gold...

In this class, you'll learn soapmaking complete from start to finish: How to blend oils, lye and various other ingredients to make really wonderful, completely handmade soap. And yes, you did read lye. Sodium (or potassium) hydroxide is a necessary ingredient for making real soap, and while it is toxic and very dangerous in its raw form, once it has been converted to soap and allowed to cure, it is as toxic as--well, soap. Like I said, alchemy.

You'll go home with a sampling of different types of soaps, plus your very own soap that we'll make, start to finish, in class, to cut and cure and use in a few week's time. It's really fun, and it's empowering to learn a craft that in the past was a staple of every household. Don't pay premium prices for a "handmade" bar of soap in a store--spend not much more than that in materials, and make your own soap (which is also, by the way, one of the best gifts around!).

Please Note: For this class (and possibly for upcoming classes) I require pre-payment to RSVP. The preparation and supplies for this class make too many no-shows a real problem (and they have been a real problem anyway lately). If pre-payment is a problem for you, let me know and we can work out an arrangement.