What we're about

We are New Yorkers (and expatriates) who are troubled by the rapid and continuing decline of the ecosystem and want to make a change, starting by reducing our own impact on the environment. Our goal is to build a "Virtual Urban Eco-Village" focused on Green Living, Sustainability Skills and Education, New Urbanism, Community Gardens, Green Homes, Permaculture, Holistic Health, Volunteering, Environmental Activism, and much more.

Follow the adventures of Smiling Hogshead Ranch Community Garden with Gil Lopez, Co-organizer, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SmilingHogsheadRan.... Stay current on the Hydrofracking and Spectra Pipeline controversy with Clare Donohue and her colleagues on http://twitter.com/#!/SaneEnergy .

Take a look at our calendar to see which events you would like to start with!

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