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Let's Observe the Annual International "BUY NOTHING DAY"!

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Let's observe the

International "BUY NOTHING DAY" Protest

Major holidays, though well intentioned, are associated with spikes in household trash, for budget busting spending on gifts that are quickly discarded, and for unhealthy overeating.

Break free from our society's compulsion to consume!

This small act of rebellion against mindless consumption can serve as an introductory step towards Colin Beavan's "No Impact Project."

How can we show appreciation to family and friends without falling into the depths of consumerism?

*A gift of our time*

*A gift of something we made*

*A gift of something "vintage" meaningful to the recipient*

*A gift of something with high labor and low fossil fuel costs such as a CSA share, a locally produced product, or a membership at a local Botanical Garden*

(best purchased on a day other than "Buy Nothing Day" of course)

Greenies - what are your ideas?