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August GreenUps - Sustain the faith

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Greenies. Environmentalism. Sustainability. Pretty regular stuff right?

This month we depart with tradition and invite you to participate in a conversation exploring the intersection of spirituality and sustainability.

What is the common ground between environmentalism and various belief systems? We've invited a diverse group of thinkers (some might say a 'broad church') to lead our discussion and share their thoughts on what their faith shares with environmentalism.

Rhonda Itaoui - The Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Australia has a wealth of experience in educating diverse audiences about environmental ethics from an Islamic perspective. Rhonda is regularly involved in delivering education to student audiences about the environmental principles that underpin Islam.

Peter Thompson - Peter convenes the Dharma Gaia Fellowship and Meetup, Peter is a Zen Buddhist whose practice is informed by an understanding of humanity's place in the ecosphere, one which many of you will share.

Paul Newman - Paul is a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, whose research interests include sustainability and cultural and natural landscapes, with particular reference to Aboriginal culture. Paul has both studied and embodied an ethos of sustainability, one which Aboriginal people have been practising for thousands of years.

Thea Ormerod - President of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Thea brings an activist-informed perspective with years of experience in the field of social justice, and has most recently been involved in interfaith action around Maules Creek coal mine.

Join us for possibly our first non-secular conversation - and Tweet or post questions on our Facebook page.

If you've ever looked at a church and wondered what it means for environmentalism - this night is for you!

If you have specific questions you would like to ask our guests please email me (

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