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Hey Greenfield Wordpress folks! This is a group for anyone with experience or interest in the Wordpress platform to get together, shoot the breeze, and talk shop - with topics ranging from web design, e-commerce, and web dev. I'm also inspired by groups like Holyoke Codes: https://holyokecodes.org/ to learn ways in which our collective skillset can help the greater Greenfield community.

The folks at Greenspace Cowork have generously offered up a free place to meet regularly, and if there's any interest in this group I'd be happy to provide free pizza and refreshments.

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WordPress Developers: Pizza, Gutenberg, The RECOVER Project, & Data Migration

WordPress Experience Level: Intermediate to guru. Geared towards developers, designers and WordPress administrators. We'll dive into some code, as well as visual building tools, so attendees should have some comfort-level with HTML, CSS, PHP, visual builders, (or an interest to learn in these areas). The days are getting longer, I hear the occasional bird outside my window, and there’s a spring thaw right around the corner. What better time to meet up, grab a drink, some pizza, and talk/commiserate about WordPress? 6:30 - 6:45 - Pizza and networking Grab some food, get a front-row seat, log onto Wifi, say hi to a neighbor. 6:45 - 7:15 - Gutenberg Fallout Personally, Gutenberg landed with a “thud,” followed by the swift installation of the Classic Editor plugin - mostly due to some conflicts with Advanced Custom Fields. How’s the 5.0 rollout been for you? Helpful? Painful? Indifferent? 7:15 - 7:45 - The RECOVER Project Website One of my goals in starting this Meetup was to use our collective smarts, creativity and experience to give back to the community we live in. In that spirit, I had the chance to meet with Peggy Vezina, the new Program Director for RP, and Abbi Cushing, who’s worked there for over eight years. If you don't know of the org, The RECOVER Project describes itself as “a safe, welcoming community that supports recovery by sharing the wisdom of our lived experience and strengthens our community through full participation.” Anthony Bourdain visited the space in 2014, and shared his own experience with addiction: https://youtu.be/HEpIASFBHqU?t=30 If you can, please check out their website before the Meetup: http://recoverproject.org. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it could be updated, changed, or improved to better support their mission & convey who they are and what they do. I’ll also share notes from my conversations with Peggy and Abbi on their ideas, painpoints for them, and how they use the website day-to-day. 7:45 - 8:15 - Data Migration Into WordPress I’m often tasked with migrating data from Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine, Myspace, someone’s uncle’s custom CMS, you name it, into a clean WordPress install. It’s always a square peg and round hole situation, but thanks to WP All Import, it’s never a manual process. I’ll walk through using one of my favorite time-saving plugins and migrate a heavily customized set of Drupal data into a WordPress installation. 8:15 - 8:30 - (If there's time) - Plan our Next Meetup

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WordPress Developers: Share Your WP Framework

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