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Players of RPGs who enjoy original engaging storylines and challenging combat will be interested in participating in our 3.5e Dark Fantasy setting, known as Aressëa (a-res-t-uh).

Aressëa is a rich stew of late Middle Ages/pre-Renaissance culture with classic high- and dark fantasy elements mixed in. The 3.5e campaign is a non-linear, open-world affair, revealed through player-inspired story-driven quests coupled with much mayhem and slaughter, and sometimes much crying and hand-wringing - Haha.

Prior experience with the D&D 3.5e rules system would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. Most of the game is taught directly from the player's player-character sheet, so unless you wish to, there is no overwhelming reading of 3.5e books for you to become familiar with the game. You will master the game as you play using your character sheet and the 3.5e Players Handbook (available here as a .pdf), as a reference for spells, feats and skills. You should feel comfortable after 3 - 6 (1d4+2) game sessions.

To speed you on your journey we have created (using the 32-point-buy method) 7 fully-outfitted 5th level player characters of various standard classes and races that players can select from to begin playing the game.

Once you are comfortable with the gameplay you may wish to replace the pre-generated character you have been playing and create your own personalized character. You can use any of the character classes and expanded races detailed in the D&D 3.5e books.

With the participation of the players my goal is to create a well-rounded, nuanced and entertaining gaming experience for everyone. For details see our Pages section.

We prefer mature responsible adults (18+). You should possess reliable transportation and are available Sunday afternoons (currently 1:30 pm) a couple of times a month to game.

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