What we're about

First of all, NO RULES. We are a diverse, all-welcoming group, united by our love of the outdoors.

We, as a collective, are bound to no particular set of cultural norms. Everyone is free to present his or her authentic selves.

We strive to build each other up, rather than tear each other down.

We focus on our similarities, rather than our differences.

We have low tolerance for gossip or unconstructive criticism. Openness is encouraged.

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Overnight Camping and "Trail Magic" Support: Max Patch Bald

Let's do it again! We could do the 27th or May 4th, depending on adventurer availability and weather. Please join us for an overnight camping trip on the summit of Max Patch along the Appalachian Trail. Max Patch is a bald mountain on the North Carolina-Tennessee Border. It is known for its 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains, namely the Bald Mountains in the immediate vicinity, the Unakas to the north, the Great Smokies to the south, and the Great Balsams and Black Mountains to the southeast. In addition to lots of available day hiking along the Appalachian Trail, we will be providing "Trail Magic" to some Appalachian Trail Thru hikers that might be passing by. The Appalachian Trail run some 2200 miles from Georgia to Maine and a couple of thousand brave souls attempt to hike it each year. We will be providing some extra encouragement for their journey.

Overnight camping: Lake Powhatten rescue

Ingles Market

There's a situation going on that needs our help. Reviews for Lake Powhatten Campground show people there are in need of love. I have just the group to deliver it. Most people attribute the discord to a main host (his name may be Jim.) Jim's attitude has trickled down to his staff, so he needs a hug. At first, I thought we should stay far away from this place. But I think we may be able to help these people. The campers are having bad experiences. There is opportunity for us to make a differences. Here's my proposal: Carpool from Ingles as usual. We don't stay at the campsite, but off one of the nearby trails. You're allowed to in Pisgah if it's 250 feet off. We can park off a nearby road to the south. From there we link to the trail system and set up a camp to the south of the lake. The camp may need to serve as a field hospital to evac wounded campers to. People have been leaving early because of their crap. We'll search for emotionally injured campers first, and treat them with love and mini-bottles of 99. At some point, I'm sure staff will engage us. We make an effort to turn their attitudes around. This would give everyone in the campground a more pleasant experience. If things don’t go our way, we can withdraw back to our trailside camp to the south and say we tried.

Slackpacking the Roan Highlands

Ingles Market

"Slackpacker" is an insult on the AT. I say we wear the badge with honor. There's an unimproved road about 3/4 mile from the overmountain shelter. We can use it to wagon up our gear. We then "yellow blaze" (ride in a car) ourselves to a starting point. This could be where the AT crosses highway 19. That's a ways, though. We could drop off at a road closer. Lets plan for 6 miles of slackpacking to the overmountain shelter. I like an easy pace. You may set your own. Plan is to meet back at the shelter. It's a big old barn that's used for a shelter. It's a family friendly environment. Meaning someone will have kids there, so we'll try to behave. There's no rules with this group, but I try to be respectful when kids are around. I've done very little of the AT, because Tyler has done the entire thing. And he shows me where the best spots are around. This ridge is one of them. We'll get to experience the awesome hike and have backcountry camping without having to carry it all on our backs.

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Paris Mtn camping

Paris Mountain State Park

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