What we're about

I am looking to create a group for loving and caring fathers who:

• Have gone through a custody battle and can share their experiences and help others to know what to expect.

• Are presently going through a child custody battle for the first time and could use some guidance or some answers from other fathers who have gone through the process to help better position themselves in their case.

• Are presently contemplating filing for a child custody suit but are too afraid to do so.

The system in place for fathers is a very scary one. Just the idea of losing so much precious time with your children is enough to bring you to tears and for some of us - this notion is a cruel reality. For any of us who are experiencing any of the scenarios listed above, we could all use the help and strength of each other to help get us through these scariest and most vulnerable times. I am hoping to create a group where fathers can all help each other and possibly begin something even bigger as a way to address this broken system.

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