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Welcome to the Qoya Sisterhood Circle - Greenville!

This Meetup is for women in the upstate, who want to gather with other like hearted women, who are all wanting to live a fully embodied life.

Womanifesto of the Greenville Qoya Sisterhood Circle

The Greenville Qoya Sisterhood Circle is a community of women who are devoted to their authentic expression of self in the world.

Gathering in community expands our capacity to know ourselves, helps us to trust in the physical sensation of truth in our bodies, and supports us in anchoring that truth in the world as our sacred work.

We recognize that there are so many ways to acknowledge one’s truest self, and so much wisdom to be shared by each woman gathered. Through movement, ritual, pilgrimage, and community, we honor our knowing and the lived experience of everyone who gathers.

Through movement, we remember our essence. Ritual, offers space and time for intentional devotion, to live our lives with reverence to the meaningful. Pilgrimage, calls us to journey beyond our comfort zone, experiencing life with new eyes, ears, and an open heart. In community, when one woman rises, she makes room and lends a hand to help others rise as well. Lifting each other through community, lifts our community at large. Together we can create change for ourselves and our community.

Who are the women of the Greenville Qoya Sisterhood Circle?

We are women of all ages, from any background, who desire to co-create an authentic, supportive, and nurturing community of women in Greenville. We gather to connect, to grow, to remember the essence of who we are, to lift each other higher, and to practice the art of receiving.

Where we gather…

Our Circle gathers on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month (schedule and space permitting), from 7-9pm at MAYA Movement Arts on the West side of Greenville, near the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. We also gather at various locations/dates around Greenville and the Upstate area for hikes, social gatherings, and more.

What is a gathering like?

Each gathering has a similar structure, intended to give us all an opportunity to be present, move a little to drop into the body, learn and grow, and to connect.
One woman, each gathering, will guide us through a piece of her sacred work in the world, honoring one of the following, a movement practice, a ritual, a pilgrimage, or community connection/service.

After she shares her offering, we will have time to connect and chat.

No matter where the gathering is held, they will all follow a similar structure.

Why movement, ritual, pilgrimage, and community?

These four categories are known pathways that encourage us to honor ourselves as sovereign, authentic beings. They get us to slow down, feel more, and drop in to the experience of life, vs achieving, looking “good”, competing with others, or striving to be something other than the incredible women we are.

Movement: Any form of movement that encourages us to slow down, get out of our thinking heads, and into the feeling body.
examples: Qoya, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Dance, Qigong, Drumming, Journeying, etc.

Ritual: Time and space dedicated to sacred devotion.
examples: Gratitude Despacho, building a prayer wreath, journaling/writing, art meditation, word bath, self care, etc.

Pilgrimage: Trusting the call to explore outside of your everyday existence.

examples: Activities that push you slightly out of your comfort zone, travel (even local spots), hikes/nature, exploring different places with fresh eyes and open hearts.

Community: To gather, connect, encourage, and create change within our own community.
examples: Hosting a community service project night (organizing a Period Party for the Homeless Period Project), starting a larger project or organization in town to help others, to connect with other communities doing good work and volunteering our time or resources to their cause. Community can also include dialoguing or organizing a round table discussion on a topic important to the community.

Each Circle gathering at MAYA will be $10 per person, to pay for the space to gather. Some other gatherings will be free, low cost, or dependent on what we are doing (community service projects etc)

We will begin a sharing hearts fund for those that cannot financially afford to attend, that are committed to the community, or to help pay for projects. Together, we can make sure that no woman is left out.

Qoya Movement classes will still be posted in this Meetup Group and our Qoya in Greenville Facebook page, for those that don't want to participate in the community but still want to attend regular Qoya classes and Workshops. xoxox

Description of Qoya Movement classes (held at MAYA Movement Arts every Thursday at 7pm, and once a month workshops):

Qoya is a movement practice for women based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember.

We remember that our physical essence is wise, wild, and free!

Wise, wild, and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice in a Qoya class...

Wise - from the wisdom traditions of yoga,
Wild - finding your true nature through the creative expression of dance,
Free - free to FEEL and revel in pleasure in the body through feminine movement.

“Qoya is a tool for self-discovery … using dance as a metaphor to find deeper aspects of who we are.” - fellow Qoya teacher Lyndsey Azlynne

We have no levels, no beginner or advanced. There's no fancy choreography, and you don't need any skill or background in dance. The best part about Qoya? We focus less on how it looks, and more on how it feels in the body. More importantly than feeling good is that it feels honest, that it feels resonant.

Come to Qoya as you are, and leave MORE of who you are!

Qoya is about connection. Connection to self, to your true North. Be a part of a community of women who see and honor you as you are. Connection to your greater community, to be able to BE in your body as you move through the world.

Qoya has no religious affiliation, and is judgement free. All women are welcome!

To find out more about Qoya visit qoya.love

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