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Chamber music is a great artistic and community experience at Greenwich House. Simply put, it's serious fun.

In 2014, I started the chamber music program at Greenwich House Music School. It began with a 5-member chamber music class for adults at Greenwich House and in 3 years it became a flourishing and robust program. One of my students described the classes at Greenwich House as ‘conservatory level training, without the attitude’. If that’s the case, then that’s exactly what I have striven to achieve. The atmosphere of the classes is supportive and personable.

For many high level professionals, the classes have become a sanctuary of relief from the hyper-intensity of their Wall Street and Midtown offices, a chance to inhabit a beautiful alternate reality, and still bring to it whatever appropriate energies Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Brahms require. Now, it is also a chance to experience life in a real time, non-remote manner.

Classes will be held in the main recital hall (Renée Weiler Hall) on Saturdays at 10:30, starting on September 26, 2020 with covid-related protocols in place. The hall has 2 Steinway grand pianos.

Classes are open to pianists, string and wind players; the musicians reflect a New Yorkesque mix of ages (20-80), personal backgrounds and musical experience. Some hold degrees from major conservatories and/or have been in professional programs (Juilliard, Indiana U. (Bloomington), Yale, Harvard, Columbia, etc.). Closer to center are those who have pursued music throughout their entire lives and want to continue to play chamber music. Still others are less advanced musicians who are keen on testing the waters. No worries — there’s a place for all who are interested. Individual placement auditions are organized for new students. I look forward to adding singers to the list!

The class repertory also reflects the mix of instrumentalists. Past recitals have featured Mozart, Schumann, Brahms and Schubert, along with less usual suspects like Charles Köchlin, Max Reger, Albert Roussel, Arthur Honegger and contemporary composers such as Lowell Liebermann, Philip Wilcher and Frank Warren. (Please see recent class recital programs, below and at https://www.vistalirica.com/chamber-music-classes-at-greenwich-house/ .)

Vista Lirica has also been ensemble-in-residence at Greenwich House since 2015; my colleagues from Vista Lirica share their expertise by way of coaching the classes with me, most recently (2018/2019) Beth Levin, William Hobbs, Eric Grossman and Clara Abel.

(Listen to and read about Vista Lirica: https://www.youtube.com/user/nrynston/videos; https://www.vistalirica.com/vl-performancerecording-videos/ )

There are 2 performance forums for chamber music class members: chamber music class recitals at Renée Weiler Hall and monthly general recitals at GH for all enrolled students, also at Weiler Hall. This allows for repeat performances of the same repertory, which is encouraged. We have great post-concert receptions and occasional after class hangs in the Village.

New students need to schedule a placement audition. To arrange this and --

-- for more info about classes: write to Neil: NRynston@gmail.com
and please visit greenwichhouse.org and vistalirica.com

--for info about enrollment: write to registrar at Greenwich House: MCramer@greenwichhouse.org
or call 212 242 4770

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