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Thanksgiving Day Celebration
We’d love to invite all families & friends to our Thanksgiving Day celebration. An 100% Organic spread, with games, cooking dozens of recipes together, with a few meditation sessions throughout the weekend... let’s enjoy the beauty of a house in the woods. You are welcome to join at any time all weekend, no set time is necessary. We will be allowing visitors from Thursday morning, until Saturday night! Come join us for a meal! Or perhaps a hike? What to bring: Games, books to share, crystals to enhance the energy, tarot & oracle cards, etc., candles, blankets, art supplies like markers, pencils, crayons, colored paper, magazines for vision boards. We will be sharing walks and hikes throughout the weekend, as the home is placed in the woods, so warm clothes & hiking shoes/boots should be on hand, or feet :) There is an indoor pool & sauna, so a bathing suit if you’d like. Food: We’d like to keep the feast as clean as possible. As Organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free and refined-sugar free as possible. This is why we ask for each person to contribute $25 each day. If you are able to make something that aligns with these values, feel free! There will be an array of people attending throughout the weekend! Enough food to go around will be provide! Email Kayla at [masked] or give her a call / send a text to (203)[masked]. ———————————————————————— To some, the Inspiration for today’s Thanksgiving feast comes from 1620 when almost half of the settlers’ people did not make it through the winter. The colonists then formed a relationship with the neighboring Wampanoag Tribe who taught them about fishing, planting and hunting. By Autumn of 1621, the colonists collected enough food to feed the community through the coming winter. The Wampanoag’s joined the colonists for a three-day feast in honor of their bounty. The 1621 harvest meal is commonly thought of as the first Thanksgiving. For later colonists, the New England Thanksgiving had little to do with the 1621 harvest festival. Theirs was a religious holiday descended from the Puritan days of fasting, prayer, and giving thanks to God. Every Autumn the governor of each colony would declare days of Thanksgiving for bountiful harvest, victorious battles, or heavy rain showers. In 1777, the continental congress degreed that all 13 of America’s colonies celebrate a national day of Thanksgiving that year in celebration of their victory over the British in Saratoga. By the mid 19th century many states celebrated the holiday, varying by weeks or even months. Later, a determined magazine editor named Sarah Josepha Hale set about establishing a national Thanksgiving day. She passionately believe that such a day would help unite a nation headed toward Civil War. She began a one woman letter writing campaign. Urging politicians to establish the annual day as Thanksgiving. Her efforts were finally rewarded by Abraham Lincoln—who set about establishing a national Thanksgiving day, seeing the unifying potential of the holiday. In 1863 for months after the victory at Gettysburg he declared the last Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving day.


Call Hollow Road · Pomona, NY

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This meetup is meant for anyone and everyone, all ages welcomed. We will be discussing everything from natural healing remedies to high vibrational lifestyles. Meditating on, as well as discussing how we can connect more easily with the Universal energies that Be. There is no religion intertwined with this group; although, people from all religious backgrounds are most definitely welcomed. This is a space for inquiry, a space where wisdom turns into integrated knowledge. An unconditionally loving and supportive community for the people in and around Greenwich, CT to turn to throughout their journey. High vibrational food - 100% Organic & Vegan - will be brought for all joining to snack on.

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