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Meet Michigan Author J.R. Armstrong
Join us as Michigan Author, J.R. Armstrong, reads and signs her novel, Beg(ga)(he)r. It's time for the girls-only annual getaway, and the ladies are looking forward to a fun-filled, relaxing trip--with good food, drinks, shopping, and lots of late-night conversation. But DeMaris wants to shake things up a bit. She informs her friends that she would like them to assume new identities. For the entire time they're together, they can be anybody they like. What can possibly go wrong? DeMaris. Just having her along is a recipe for disaster, meaning it's another vacation that lands the girls exactly where they don't want to be . . . in trouble once again. Light refreshments will be available for donation. Children are encouraged to attend with a responsible adult.

The Grey Wolfe Scriptoritum

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What we're about

When a group of writers gets together around a table at a cafe, it’s much like a pack of wolves convening on a mountain ridge; each writer working with others in the group to gain insight into new techniques toward approaching their own special brand of creativity. The pack supports the individual members… giving assistance when needed, standing back to let the newer members learn on their own when necessary, and reinforcing the strength and expertise of the seasoned members. As a team, and as a family, writers who come together in groups learn, grow and discover the successful choices that will ultimately bring a strong literary reputation to the individuals as well as to the group.

If you’re anything like us, writing has been a part of your daily life since your early teens, maybe even before. For writers who are compelled to write, ignoring the desire to write would be the equivalent of ignoring the desire to breathe.

If you have the same need, and you want to spend a couple hours each week hanging out with other writers to work on your novels, poetry, essays or short stories, we hope you will join our weekly writing support group. We offer gentle cheer-leading and brainstorm assists whenever you may need them.

Our aim is to create an energy that enhances your writing process, bringing your word counts yup and your manuscript closer to the editing phase. So bring your laptop or your pen and parchment... and join the pack for some concentrated writing time!

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