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This group and online resources will help prepare you for a long-term grid power blackout, or almost any mega-disaster. We've developed a viral strategy that can protect Pittsburgh and then the entire country. One theme is to insure yourself and then move on with your life. A small amount of effort and education can go a long way!

You should join if you want access to free disaster preparedness information, and if you'd like to mobilize to protect yourself, loved ones and the country. Unlike many prepper groups, our emphasis is on a solution that protects the entire country -- because otherwise the survivors would be living in an emotionally traumatized and economically crippled country.

Instead, we believe that a chain reaction of people doing preparation, supporting others to prepare, and pushing government to prepare for those who can't afford to prepare can rapidly protect the country.

Most people who learn about the grid problem get emotionally overwhelmed or feel despair, but we've found that meaningful action displaces negative feelings and replaces them with positive feelings, such as higher self-esteem when you learn information and skills that will protect yourself.

A lot of useful information and videos can be found at our main website, GridEmergency.Org (http://www.gridemergency.org)

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