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Lead participants into uncontrollable laughter for health and well-being.

Here are some words as promised.

Ha! Ha! Ha…It’s not that kind of Yoga.

You have heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well in fact it is nature’s most effective antidote to stress.

Laugher Yoga is a series of playful exercises that stimulates laughter by simulating laughter. The Yoga part comes from Yogic breathing techniques not poses. No spandex, special equipment, mats, or flexibility of any kind is required. You don’t even have to be able to touch your toes. I promise there will be no downward dogs, cats or other such complicated or compromising yoga poses. This can be done by practically anyone even from a wheelchair and is suitable for those with limited mobility. There are thousands of clubs all over the world. Google Laughter Yoga if you want to find out more.

Funny Story…I was an active member and occasional leader of the Burlington Laughter Yoga Club. I received my Laughter Leader training from Marja Pirie the founder of the club in Burlington. I went on to obtain my Laughter Teacher Certification from the Dr. Madan Kataria “the Guru of Giggling” and founder of Laughter Yoga himself in 2011. But, when Marja moved to BC a few years ago the laughter in my life went silent. I was recently asked to lead several sessions during a wellness fair and remembered how good it made me feel and how much I missed laughing with a group. I have led many reluctant laughers with surprizing results and excellent feedback from the participants. It made me happy to see so many people feel better over my many years of practice that I decided to start a local laughter club in 2019. With the encouragement of my friend Christopher Cole the Grimsby Laughter Yoga Club has come to Carnegie Hall. (the old Grimsby Library). I have always wanted to be able to tell people that you have performed at Carnegie. I hope to connect with many others who could appreciate more laughter in their stressful, complicated, overstimulated yet physically disconnected lives. Stop watching screens and start laughing with real people.

It does not matter to me how many people attend the sessions. Literally! the more the merrier; at least a couple of people might laugh with us. I admit it sounds weird and in fact it may seem that way at first. But, as people connect and start to laugh, it works. WE LAUGH AND FEEL BETTER.

We now have a great space to move around and make some joyful noise without disturbing anyone. Each 40 minute session involves some light stretching, breathing techniques, playful laughter exercises and a unique meditation that will leave you feeling better.

Sessions are free as Laughter should be. I will be putting out a “Loonie Bin” and asking participants for donations. Any and all money raised will go to local charities like the WLMH and GBF.

Caution: There may be some funny faces, childlike playfulness, uncontrollable laughter, absolutely no sense of humour. I know it sounds different and may not be for everyone. That’s because it is. All that is needed is that you are reasonably healthy, can breathe normally, and possess a willingness and desire to laugh.

This is not a medical treatment and not intended to replace any prescribed medication or direction given to you by a physician. It is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with any serious medical or mental health issues.

Consult with your health practitioner before you join in if these is any doubt about your suitability to participate.

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