Table 4: D&D Tier 2 DDAL Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer’s Isle

Gritty Goblin Games Organized Play
Gritty Goblin Games Organized Play
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DM: Dyl

Long unoccupied, the pyramid on Sorcerer’s Isle now flows with strange magical energy, warping creatures and the landscape around it. The Cult of the Dragon and Red Wizards of Thay have taken notice, and it’s up to you to keep whatever power dwells there out of their hands.

• What we'll do
We will run a level 5-10 adventure for tier appropriate characters.

• What to bring
There is a $5 charge for playing Adventure League games which goes to a store credit account for you that you can use for snacks or save up for a big purchase. Only Adventurer's League characters of the appropriate level and tier can play Adventurer's League games.

• Important to know
If you have any questions please leave a comment below, or send a private message to me on Meetup (Dyl Pickle).