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A group originally designed to piggyback on other NYC Longboarding and Skateboarding Groups for younger shreders to get stoked with kids their age and/or allowing the parents to get stoked also.

A lot of kids are starting to board sooner and sooner (my son started at 4) so I wanted to start something so that they can spread the stoke with each other. Kinda like a playdate group for young boarders.

Why piggyback on other events/groups? So the parents can board also and to provide some inspiration to the young groms.

But one of my goals is to start having stand alone events where a group of kids can do what they do best... have fun, and in this case have fun boarding.

Why Boarding: cause kids just want to have fun and I don't want to pidgin hole this so it is open for all types of boarding (Skate, Long, Snow, Surf, etc).

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