I want to be a hacker....- February/2016

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I want to be a hacker... but I only look good in a white hat by Jakub Gadkowski,

I want to be a hacker... but I only look good in a white hat. An introduction to pentesting v3.0 (now 20 per cent more entertaining).

You probably read a thing or two about XSS attacks and SQL injections are all the rage at your neighbourhood.

But, come on... you have better things to do (Imgur, Reddit) than reading cryptic man pages and half baked docs found in ancient corners of the Interwebs.

Not anymore! With the help of this user friendly talk you will be able to Cross Site Inject SQL your website like a champ in no time (terms and conditions apply)!

You will hear a short reminder about basic types of attacks (I know you know, but the person sitting next to you just forgot).

v3.0 note: thanks to a lot of feedback (mostly rotten tomatoes, some rather expired eggs and one dead cat) the formula has been changed from: me talking, to me showing you attacks on a real website.

You will see a quick presentation of some finely selected free and open source tools (like Zap Proxy, WPscan, SQLmap, Arachni).

And last but not least you will have an opportunity to write down some interesting resources to try on your own as soon as you get back home!

So don't hesitate, put your white hat on and come on in.

About the speaker

Jakub Gadkowski (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakub-gadkowski-0535bb4?trk=pub-pbmap), in 2015 senior back-end developer at Netwerven, in 2016 CTO at Endouble.com (http://www.endouble.com), retro gamer, nerd extraordinaire, security enthusiast, loves wasting time reading such bestsellers as "How to Program Your C-64 in Machine Language", and been heard saying "too much sun is dangerous, but nobody died of monitor light exposure... yet".


19:30 - 20:00 Welcome drinks

20:00 - 21:00 Talk and questions

21:00 -?????: Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, drink beer and have fun :)