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Which Browser, The browser sniffing library written in PHP April/2016

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Talk by Niels Leenheer

Which Browser, The browser sniffing library written in PHP

It involves Browser sniffing and Which Browser . Part 1 of the presentation is about what browser sniffing is, and why it is a difficult problem . Each browser is lying about his identity. Part 2 is about Which Browser - my browser sniffing library written in PHP. It's about what problems I encountered and how I have solved . During the second part, Niels will talk about from two specific problems and put it in more detail .

For example:

• Writing a specific test runner for monitoring the quality and how to measure code coverage if you do not use PHPUnit.

• Improve the speed to create an index of the data files. A more complicated problem than expected, because the index is not for regular expressions and regular text that is fairly………….

As summary when creating WhichBrowser - my own browser sniffing library written in PHP - I’ve also encountered some other technical challenges. We will talk about code coverage and testing without PHPUnit and a bit about using Travis for continues integration. And finally how I improved the performance by 400% by creating indices for the data files. This proved to be a challenge because the data files didn’t contain just strings, but also regular expressions. And how do you build an index for regular expressions?

What time?

19:30 Welcome drinks

20:00 Talk and questions

21:00 Raffle PHP Storm and information of a hackathon in May

21:10 -?????: Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, drink beer and have fun


He is the owner of the company Salonhub ( Niels is a self-professed browser geek. He runs one of the largest Open Device Labs in the world and is the creator of (

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