Mantras for Releasing Fear

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Take a noon lunchtime break from the stresses of modern life at a series of free weekly one-hour sound meditation and relaxation sessions at the Melbourne Theosophical Society.

This week the focus is “Mantras for Releasing Fear” recordings of Dileepi Parhak & Shri Ananda Ma who is a master of the kundalini maha yoga tradition upon which the sacred chants presented are based.

For more than 5,000 years, this form of yoga has identified specific sound syllables for influencing both human physiology & mental states. These authentic chants are said to banish fear & encourage a peaceful spiritual state by subtly unblocking rigid thought patterns & redistributing prana among the body’s chakras.

This recording doesn’t rely on binaural beats used in previous recordings, which given the power of the syllables used, is not needed, as the host can attest, to achieve the desired effect. While the recordings are designed to have benefit no matter what one is doing, the mantras are most empowering as one meditates while listening - the intent of today’s session.

Shri Anandi Ma is a meditation & yoga teacher with students & disciples in India, Europe & North America who is the spiritual heir of Indian saint Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji, a kundalini yoga master, who specialised in using the power of mantras & meditation for uplifting the human spirit. She works with Dileepi Parhak, an advanced disciple of Shri Dhyanyogiji.

The session allows each individual to completely relax while listening, gently focussing only on the breath to release any muscular tension according to individual need. Attendees can thus return to work or daily life refreshed or ready to attend the following Sound Immersion; Philip Glass Piano Meditation at 1:15pm.

Hosted by Stephen Fiyalko, Sound Healer, former CEO of Employment Focus and the Wurundjeri Tribe Council in Australia and world traveller. Over time Stephen has developed a series of practices based on universal principles to help him manage stress, ill health and the challenges of ordinary life.

Attendance is free. Donations are welcome.