What we're about

Welcome to The Sentient Experiment.

We invite you to join an increasing community of individuals who are choosing to explore group consciousness, intuition and self-empowerment through Higher Sensory Communication. We call this, The Sentient Experiment. (Sentient being- an individual who absorbs sensory stimulus from the environment and personal interactions.)

What we offer: Free workshops that demonstrate all areas of ESP
Expert knowledge
Techniques to master your energy system, increasing intuition
Guidance and Support

How do we do this? You don't just leave a workshop and forget what you learned. We assist you to integrate the techniques and awareness into daily life.
The following week consists of a daily task that will apply a technique and observation to help with development.

In return we ask that you send through the daily observation sheet so that we can accumulate the data for ongoing research.

Why are We Doing This?

The power within each of us is phenomenal, understanding this and learning how to best utilize our innate ability, will help each of us to demonstrate compassion, increase personal self-love, improve life and see change that the world needs.

The Sentient Experiments are a means of researching group consciousness, links with mood, behaviour, self worth and intuition.

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Sacred Sound Temple-Unique Meditative Exploration of Vocal Toning & Harmonics

Yogaharta Yoga & Wellness Centre

Using the power of vocal toning to activate physical & emotional healing. Ben is very quickly becoming one of the most sought after sound healers. Ben brings through a beautiful connection, combining many cultural influences, from Native American Indian through to Tibetan monk and ethereal harmonics, all accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls. A truly all-encompassing meditative experience. This evening event will: * Initiate a state of peace by shifting your consciousness beyond the daily mind chatter * Heal your body, mind, and soul by activating energetic codes within to clear blocks and allow higher energy flow through the body, mind, and soul * Gain clarity and direction of your authentic pathway by connecting with your true, authentic self. To learn more about the night, listen to a sample of Ben's work and to book your place, go to: http://bit.ly/SacredSoundTemple

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Turn Your Sensitivity Into A Superpower

Community Hall

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