Sacred Sound Temple-Unique Meditative Exploration of Vocal Toning & Harmonics

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Using the power of vocal toning to activate physical & emotional healing.
Ben is very quickly becoming one of the most sought after sound healers.

Ben brings through a beautiful connection, combining many cultural influences, from Native American Indian through to Tibetan monk and ethereal harmonics, all accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls. A truly all-encompassing meditative experience.

This evening event will:

* Initiate a state of peace by shifting your consciousness beyond the daily mind chatter

* Heal your body, mind, and soul by activating energetic codes within to clear blocks and allow higher energy flow through the body, mind, and soul

* Gain clarity and direction of your authentic pathway by connecting with your true, authentic self.

To learn more about the night, listen to a sample of Ben's work and to book your place, go to: