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Are you on your healing journey? Have you been treating a physical injury, emotional trauma or increasing mental health support? Maybe you are fine health-wise and just need some help feeling unstuck. Energy Healing is a great way to balance the body energetically while on your healing journey. Most importantly you get to enjoy a space of inner peace with yourself as you reconnect, rejuvenate, restore and strengthen your body.

We will be aligning your Chakras and raising your vibrational energy in order to initiate the healing process. Crystals will be used to help in the clearing and healing process. A typical sessions leaves the participant feeling lighter, with less anxiety and physical pain. While each person’s needs are different (as well as results) a group healing holds the power to amplify the experience. Coming together with others can create a sense of support which is so valuable in owning your self care practice. No matter what you are facing you deserve to enjoy a life without ruminating on doubt or pain.

While a one-on-one Reiki session can cost 100’s of dollars, a group Reiki session harnesses the group’s energy to address areas that need to be healed. We’ve all faced ups and downs in life but rarely check to see how we are doing unless we are in crises. Disease, disorder, ailment and stagnation can represent internal experiences that no longer serve you and need to be released. Trust in yourself! If you were guided to this group then you were meant to heal and support others in their healing.

During Energy Healing Sessions:

We WILL enjoy ourselves

We WILL relax
We WILL smile
We WILL find peace in our healing journey
We WILL listen to what our issues are telling us
We WILL support a body positive environment
We WILL own our power by practicing self forgiveness and self care
We WILL support various able bodiedness
We WILL trust ourselves and this path we are on
We WILL be inclusive to others that are different from us
We WILL respect others and ourselves

We WILL NOT relive trauma
We WILL NOT force others to share their experience
We WILL NOT disrespect boundaries
We WILL NOT overthink it :-)

The session includes 1 hour of Energy Healing from a Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. You will be in a meditative state and you work with the practitioner to clear out any blockages and release them. You will be in a deeply relaxed and safe space to encourage internal and external healing to occur.

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