• Group Singing Lesson for Beginners

    NDG library


    The lesson will NOT take place at the library, but at my house a few doors down. The address will be sent privately upon registration. If you don't receive it the day before, please check your junk mail and contact me. Whether it's your first time or your 100th time, vocal coaching is always fun. This group class is open to everyone and costs only 15$. All you need to do is bring a song! We'll work on posture and projection and finding the joy in making sounds. Please bring a song you know very very well. Knowing it well means you can sing it by yourself without accompaniment without getting too lost. :) A song from your childhood is great or a song you sing in the shower. And if you just know one verse, that is enough! The number of participants is limited so I can give the proper attention to each person. I need a minimum of 3 reservations for the event to take place. So please make sure to reserve your spot!