What we're about

The intention is to work and improve on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills such as distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation and inter-personal skills. We could meet in a cafe, have a chat and work on some pages from DBT workbook ( http://tinyurl.com/y2kkdk6x ). The idea is to learn and practice DBT skills on a regular basis. We could meet every week to work on some exercises from this book. We could then chat about what skills we practiced that week, what was challenging and what we did better compared to the previous week. We could learn from each other's experience.

* this is not professional counseling or anything of that sort. I would see it as a meet-up with a group of friends to chat, discuss challenges, practice skills and make positive changes to one’s life and thought process. Hopefully, we could do this on a regular/weekly basis.

If you feel you need immediate help, if you think that you might harm yourself or someone else, you need to contact Burnaby mental health( https://www.fraserhealth.ca/Service-Directory/Locations/Burnaby/burnaby-mental-health-centre#.XKvKK5PwbhM ), crisis line ( https://crisiscentre.bc.ca/ ) or the emergency (911).

Life is beautiful, live and let live :)

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Distress Tolerance Work-out! #DBT

Prado Cafe

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