Special Event: Custom Fit Ear Plugs & In-Ear Speakers, Thu 11/21 (Sunnyvale)

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Santa Clara Cycle Accessories

993 E El Camino Real · Sunnyvale, CA

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Inside Santa Clara Cycle Accessories, 993 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA. Ample parking around. Starbucks near by.

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“GroupRides” and “Santa Clara Cycle” Present: Custom Fit Ear Plugs & In-Ear Speakers Event

• Who: Marylin Navia, Certified Audiologist, www.PlugUp.com

• When: Thursday 11/21, 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm.

• Where: Santa Clara Cycle Accessories, 993 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, www.santaclaracycle.com Tel [masked]

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There has not been an International Motorcycle Show in the Bay Area for some time. California’s only IMS in 2019 is in Long Beach. Why does this matter? Well, those who went to the Bay Area IMS got a chance to all see sorts of vendors and moto related goodies, products or services that are not always available in local brick-n-mortar stores.

One of my favorite vendors is Marylin Navia, a certified Audiologist (www.plugup.com) who makes custom fit ear plugs and in-ear speakers. I have been using her products for over 12 years and can tell you they are a lot more comfortable to wear (under your helmet) for hours and hours than other “hard” earplug products costing 50%+ more. I have both PlugUp.com (Marylin’s) and BigEar.com which I paid a lot more for, and I only wear PlugUp’s “soft” earplugs. My more expensive BigEar “hard” earplug sits on a shelf gathering dust.

“So what?” you may ask. First of all, GroupRides members get a 10% discount on PlugUp products when you use “GR10” group discount code. But this year, on her way to Long Beach IMS, Marylin has agreed to make a STOP in the Bay Area just for GroupRides.

Basically, she’ll fly a day earlier than planned. Arrive at SFO. Spend a day here, and then get on a flight for Long Beach IMS.

There is a catch, however.

To make sure she can cover the cost of flight to SFO (airfare, lodging, etc) she needs a certain number of confirmed orders. So, if you are interested (really interested) in getting a custom ear plug, or an in-ear custom speaker, place a pre-order on PlugUp.com. Pick the custom product(s) that you want, and then submit a 50% deposit at check-out using code “GR Deposit”. If there are enough confirmed orders (i.e., deposits) then we are set. If there aren’t enough confirmed orders, then we scrap the plan and all deposits will be refunded. But please RSVP if you think you might stop by. And if you feel you would like to order something, place your pre-order and send your deposit.

• Timing: Her flight has to be booked and finalized few weeks before the show so by early to mid October we will know if PlugUp.com will make a Bay Area stop. Again, if there is no trip, all deposits will be refunded.

• Long Beach IMS: Those who are going to IMS in Long Beach can see her at the show and take advantage of 10% group discount.

• About our hosts: Greg Scheid and Doug Scheid (Father & Son) own and operate Santa Clara Cycle Accessories. SCC has been a fabric of Bay Area motorcycle community for over 20 years. They have agreed to host this event, and even extended their usual closing time to 8 PM to accommodate us.

So, if you ever wanted the perfect fitting listening ear plugs, this is your opportunity to get one.

See you at SCC for this event and for all your Moto needs.




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