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EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique's", also known as "Tapping". This is one of the most successful energy psychology techniques developed for rapid and often permanent healing from minor body aches and pains, clear to a War Vet's PTSD. A gentle self-help tool utilizing your body's energy meridian system and pressure points for you to break free emotionally, and physically from things that hold us back such as cravings, phobias, anxiety, depression, auto-immune disease and more. I'm hopeful that this group will connect anyone interested in EFT from parents who would like to more calmly navigate their household, to psychotherapists who are interested in adding a new tool to the box for your clients.

Due to the dynamics that have formed, I’ve discovered this group should be women only. If you are a male who is truly interested, please don’t join, but rather send me a private message here or to my email Address: eftwithlindsay@gmail.com so that I can help you out a men’s group together once there’s enough interest.

I like to start these circles with an extra 15/20 min to share the 101 of EFT with you. The hour following is $10 and I’m looking forward to connecting you with others. I’ve learned that while we all have very different stories, the feelings are the same. Some groups I’ve formed focus on self-sabotage, food cravings and body confidence, depression, anxiety, sports performance and forgiveness.

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