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Bertels kager

Falkoner Allé 54 · Frederiksberg

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Bertels Kager, Falkoner Alle 54, 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

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Fulfillment. Joy. – Do you know what it is? Do you feel it now?

Many of us are living lives that have “just sort of happened”. We had a dream, a vision (maybe we still do) for what we wanted our lives to look like. Somewhere along the way, life took over and something else ended up happening. We made decisions, took a turn down a path, and now our life isn’t what we thought it would be.

Or we’re living someone else’s life. Maybe it’s what our parent’s wanted for us. What we believe our partner or a potential partner might want. Or maybe it’s what we believe we need to do and have to be happy. I was one of these people. My life checked all the boxes for what I thought I needed in order to be happy. And still, I wasn’t.

Join me for a coffee talk on what it means to live a Life By Design. Where your choices are deliberate and based on your authentic, true self. What you have to let go off to achieve this (hint: the notion that vulnerability is a weakness and feelings of fear and guilt) and who you will become in the process.