What we're about

We are a growth-mindset community of playful explorers, seeking to understand our foibles and fixations, and our passions and superpowers. We don’t take ourselves too seriously! We have fun conversation, play games that help us understand ourselves, try new healthy snacks and refreshments, and explore lesser-known philosophies. While we seek contentment and consciousness, we do set personal goals that enable our freedom and empowerment. We’re getting to know the monkey on our back and we’re enlisting his help in our path to growth. We’re committed to goal-setting, accountability, and positive support. Our mantra is: “I’m here and I’m helping. We’re together and we’re growing.” Two important things to know: 1) We are a compassion-first accountability group—we’re here to grow with goals and support. 2) Other than mutual respect and respecting our meeting format, we have no exclusions, including those of “membership”, belief, or practice, including “abstinence-only”. If you are seeking abstinence-only meetings and support, AA might be for you. We welcome you wherever you are in your journey. Let’s get there together!

Meeting Format
1) Mingle with some refreshments while jotting down some gratitudes
2) Brief Meditation and Mantra
3) Around the Circle: name and 1 one minute or less on 1 thing we’re struggling with and/or 1 thing we’re achieving
4) Big Idea: a brief talk, presentation, or video to prompt sharing
5) Discussion: 1 min timer bell for inclusive sharing
6) Check In: volunteers for meeting leader for next meeting, growth talismans
7) Set Goals for week and share (a stretch goal, service goal, maybe even with rewards :-)
8) Around the Circle: name and kindness/service project idea for others to join or explore
9) Mantra and hugs till next time

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