What we're about

We're here to help further the discussion about taking full advantage of all that Prop 64 has to offer. We would like to take growing cannabis "out of the closet", and hopefully encourage more people to seek alternatives to buying from dispensaries.

Two things we want to help people realize is that growing cannabis is EASY and SAVES MONEY.

Learn how to grow strains that will blow "top shelf" away forever. Home Grown Cannabis can be more potent, more flavorful and less harmful than purchased flower. See what organic cannabis is all about. We talk about indoor and outdoor growing as well as general plant care, clones, seeds and much more.

We try and offer classes where everyone can have their questions answered and leave inspired to successfully manage their own home grow.

Anyone that has had an interest in growing or has had experiences in growing that they would like to share, is welcome to attend.

(This is for growing for PERSONAL USE only. This does not concern any type of growing on a commercial scale. Nothing for sale at these events)

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