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Would you like to volunteer to run a monthly HSP Meetup for the National Centre for High Sensitivity? Running an HSP Meetup can be great fun and it provides an opportunity to commune and enjoy the company of your fellow sensitive souls. If you have been in touch with me before about running a Meetup, please do so again in case your name has slipped through the net.

As many of you know, the NCHS supports HSPs around the UK to create HSP Meetups in their area. We are woefully short of HSP-friendly opportunities to commune and I often get emails from HSPs asking if there is a Meetup in their area. So often, I have to say no.

If you would consider learning how to facilitate one of our Meetups, do get in touch. You need to fulfil the following criteria:

- attend our training and make time for the online facilitator support meetings that are there to help you
- be prepared to run 12 x monthly Meetups (1.5 hours) for us on a voluntary basis
- have access and willingness to use email and learn to use online Meetup facilities
- be in a good enough place emotionally and physically to create a reliable and positive environment for others to meet for one year
- have known about the trait for some time and have read Dr Elaine Aron’s work
- must be patient*, kind, tolerant and non-judgmental
- willing to assist in getting news about your Meetup out there where people can spot it
- happy to reply or return calls from prospective Meetup members seeking information, or concerned HSPs seeking reassurance about the environment they are coming to
- not restricted by strict boundary issues that might prevent you or any HSP from attending the Meetup
- willing to run the HSP Meetup as trained and not as ‘group therapy’

If you can offer the above, we will help by:

- training you in the basics and principles of running one of our HSP Meetups in a professional and relaxed manner
- offering scheduled online group meetings where you and fellow facilitators can ask questions and get support
- paying for venue, tea and coffee costs
- collecting contributions from Meetup members online
- advertising your Meetup on our site
- providing ideas or materials to facilitate learning about the HSP trait where required

Sometimes facilitators like to work in pairs, both for mutual support and so that holidays or sickness can be covered. We are happy to train individuals or pairs. Whilst venues need to be agreed beforehand, we do encourage facilitators to meet outdoors occasionally, since being in nature is so beneficial for sensitive people.

*NB: You will also need patience when you set up a new Meetup; it can take some time not only for HSPs to hear about a new Meetup, but it also takes time for them to pluck up courage to get in contact, sometimes months. If you are easily disappointed or frustrated, running one of our Meetups may not be ideal for you :). Numbers can be very small to start with, but Meetups do grow in size if you bear with the (slow) HSP process. We limit Meetup size to 12 maximum, with an ideal number being 4-8.

Our trainer Barbara is based in Andover, Hampshire, but some training is provided elsewhere in the UK if we have enough training participants in that larger region. Barbara has been facilitating HSP Meetups for ten years and the original Meetup is still going.

Thank you for reading this far :). If you have any questions, please email Barbara at [masked].

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