Loss and Renewal session

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There are times when many of us feel a sense of disconnect or a feeling that there is something ‘missing’, especially when the world feels very turbulent and chaotic. As highly sensitive people we have a deep sense of awareness around change and we feel personal and global losses more deeply. We may long for a simple life, where community and connection are valued and where we can experience ourselves as whole and complete, without the need to strive for more status, more money or more success.

Psychotherapist, Francis Weller explains that we live in a ‘flatline’ society where we don’t acknowledge our whole range of emotions. We tend to want to pursue happiness and positivity and if we feel any sense of loss or grief we hide these feelings for fear of being perceived as negative. These hidden feelings don’t simply disappear, ‘When our grief cannot be spoken, it falls into the shadow and re-arises in us as symptoms’. We can become exhausted or ill. We also mistakenly think that if we are feeling a sense of loss or sadness that we should hide away and wait till we feel better before facing the world. Weller states that in fact grief and loss needs to be processed within a community and that it is in sharing with others that we can move through painful feelings.

There are many levels of grief and loss; from the changes in season, the loss of a friendship, job or pet, the death of a loved one or the suffering across the world. This workshop gives us the opportunity to share our worries and to offer support to others. We find that through sharing our stories, we gain a sense of shared identity and that through acknowledging our pain we give ourselves the freedom to fully experience our joy. We can experience a more vivid and conscious life by being with our perceived negative feelings. Creativity and simple rituals are a key part of each session. Routines and structures keep us grounded and creativity offers us an alternative way to share in our full range of feelings.

How does it work?

- Each session will follow a format eg. a grounding/ connecting activity to begin, followed by sharing of losses and a simple ritual. One person speaks at a time. Followed by a gentle creative activity such as painting or movement which is optional
- Each person needs to be in safe place and able to contribute to the group eg. they have engaged in personal development of some kind whether through therapy, a spiritual path, coaching or other methods. The group is not a therapy group but there will be therapeutic elements. Everyone is responsible for their own wellbeing
- Everyone is welcome to these sessions whether you wish to take part in an active way or perhaps observe quietly. You may wish to share small losses or more significant ones, each person can take part in their own way
- Attention will be paid to keeping the group safe and creating a nurturing experience

Please email Bridget through Meetup if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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