Facts, Myths and Mysteries about High Sensitivity

Price: £12.00 /per person
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This two hour talk aims to give you a brief overview of the high sensitivity trait, how it relates to interesting past and ongoing research and the questions this brings up around meaning and opportunity for the future for highly sensitivity people and their communities. Useful as a recap for anyone who has attended the Professionals Training or who is looking for a summary of the basics and ideas on what 'sensory processing sensitivity' is - and what it is not.

This session lasts for two hours, with a break for refreshments in the middle.

Please be aware that there may not be as much time as either you or I would like, to discuss, ask questions and process how this relates to your ongoing interests or personal development at this short, two-hour event. A full day of professional training is provided at the National Centre for High Sensitivity from time to time throughout the year that is quality-checked by the National Counselling Society and includes a CPD certificate of attendance. The NCHS also offers various types of workshops and discussion days to HSPs for exploration and personal development. Please ask if you are interested in attending one of these days or simply browse our calendar of events on this Meetup website.

Barbara Allen is the founder of Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002) and the fledgling National Centre for High Sensitivity CIC (2010). In 2013, she retired as a qualified integrative therapist, group worker and supervisor after working in the therapeutic field for 20 years. Barbara now runs and sponsors regular Meetups for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) around the UK, and facilitates one-day workshops for HSPs. She has written and presents quality checked continuing professional development workshops (CPD) for professionals such as therapists, teachers, nursery workers and social workers, on the trait of sensory processing sensitivity. She offers extensive individual assessments and/or mentoring for HSPs, both for adults and parents with their children. Barbara has also worked internationally, co-hosting 4-day HSP Gathering Retreats with Jacquelyn Strickland including two-day personal development workshops for HSPs in Europe and USA. Barbara received training directly from Dr Elaine Aron in 2018 and is a recommended speaker and consultant on Sensory Processing Sensitivity on Dr Aron’s website at www.hsperson.com. You can contact her at[masked] or by email at [masked] or visit her websites at: www.hspsensitive.com and www.growingunlimited.co.uk.