Workplace know-how for HSPs - Info, support, networking and ideas day

Price: £40.00 /per person

Needs a location


This four hour workshop is an opportunity to look at your work and how you go about it, discuss common challenges and dilemmas, your goals and needs at work, whilst also meeting others who may prove to be all-important HSP friends and colleagues of the future. Our time will consist of information and discussion with the aim of increasing your sense of choice, providing meaningful HSP insight and support on the day, a chance to discuss or test ideas and sign-posting to resources from within the group and in the larger HSP support network out there.

We will discuss your own self-care at work, how you place yourself within your workplace, factors in choosing a career and work environment, positive ways to manage HSPs, the unique gifts that HSPs bring to the workplace, different ways of working, learning and training, subtle ways in which you or your employer may influence the development and wellbeing of HSPs and influencing the workplace in the bigger picture. The possibility of creating a regular, facilitated support day two or three times a year will be discussed as well as shorter support options online.

NB: The venue will remain open until 5pm if anyone wishes to continue discussions or network after 2pm.

Suitable for any professional person at any level and for those who have as yet not quite found the right fit either in terms of career or work environment or have ideas they want to test around future projects or employment matters.

Barbara Allen: Barbara is the Founder of the National Centre for High Sensitivity CIC (since 2010). She is a retired therapist, supervisor and group worker and currently works as an HSP Mentor, trainer and spokesperson on matters related to high sensitivity as described by Dr Elaine Aron. Barbara has attended advanced training with Dr Aron and is listed on Dr Aron's website page of HSP consultants at

NB: Bring a packed lunch - drinks and snacks provided for grazing.

There is some parking at the venue, you may also find it helpful to park at the local Garden Centre and car-share or walk down to the venue. There are taxis at Andover railway station (1.5 miles), the taxi fare averages at £6 each way. Andover is 1 hour from London Waterloo by train. There is some limited informal accommodation at the venue: bedroom, use of bathroom and kitchen in pleasant surroundings at £20 per person per night, please enquire. There are also a number of B&Bs in local villages that can be found online, as well as on Airbnb. NB: there are animals on the premises.

There are no fee concessions for this event.