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Online HSP Meetup 😊
Welcome to our Online HSP Meetup, a bi-monthly online meeting of Highly Sensitive people. Join Ildiko for an open conversation via video link exploring aspects of HSP living. Ponder questions, find out some facts, discuss what it means to be highly sensitive and get to know others at various places along the path towards thriving and enjoying the sensitive life. A friendly, facilitated, gentle and informative atmosphere will be created so that it's easy to be present. Join in discussions if you like, or just listen and ponder, it's up to you. The meeting will begin with some information around High Sensitivity, followed by discussion, questions and conversation. Topics open for exploration through the year might include: Facts about Sensory Processing Sensitivity Acting and reacting Boundaries The difference between avoidance and protection Friends, family and partners Challenges and joys of work Healing past wounds Sensitivity as an asset Self worth and confidence Anxiety, stress, relaxation Creativity, balance and process Nutrition, sleep and environment Everyday spirituality or connectedness If you would like to attend online, simply RSVP here. Nearer the time you will receive access information for the video meeting by email via this meetup site (make sure email messages are switched on in your profile). You can prepare ahead of time by creating a free account at Zoom ( Remember, we have no control over your internet connection, so do make sure it's up and working properly before we start. If you have any questions, email Barbara through this site. See you in our HSP Meetup 😊

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What we're about

This National UK Centre for High Sensitivity was founded to promote information, insight and support for highly sensitive people - (people experiencing Sensory Processing Sensitivity). The purpose of this Centre is to encourage highly sensitive men and women to understand their trait more fully, to appreciate the positives of possessing a highly sensitive nervous system and to explore ways to thrive at home, in relationships and at work. We also offer services to parents of highly sensitive children.

We provide information, workshops and training events, plus opportunities to meet together with other sensitive people. The events listed here are thoughtfully designed for highly sensitive people, those close to them and those who work with them. Please look at our calender to see upcoming events - we also welcome suggestions and ideas to meet your HSP needs. We have sister Meetup sites (Growing Unlimited HSP Hampshire Meetup and Positively Sensitive Network Berkshire, Exeter HSP Meetup, we also have occasional Meetups in Bristol) which promote more events for HSPs, do take a look.

We charge members £10 per year membership. Events themselves are then payable as and when you book them.

We look forward to meeting you :)

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