What we're about

This group is for local business, that want to share online strategies that have helped to grow their business. This is not a group for those looking to start a business or start an online business. It is instead for small to medium sized local businesses -- from kids starting out with their first try at being an entrepreneur to brick and mortar retailers and restaurants -- wanting to help each other learn about online strategies that local businesses can use, but often aren't used by local businesses since these online strategies seem kind of overwhelming to learn and implement. The hope is that by pulling together a group of interested local businesses, we can share experiences and help each other learn which online strategies might work best for their particular local business -- whether it is building a list of prospective customers, using Google/Bing/Yahoo local listings, using online review sites like Yelp and Google Places, how best to use local online advertising dollars (Adwords, Yelp, Facebook, etc), or successes different people are having using social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc). This is not a group for marketing professionals not those wanting to find the latest get rich scheme. It is intended just for active, local businesses and those who are in the process of creating a local business.

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