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Join us on Weds April 23rd 2014 for a Growth Hacking Toronto meet-up to remember, as we host a special edition of the Smojoe SEO Show, a live Search Engine Optimization discussion and exhibition by Rob Campbell (@roberrific (, wherein SMOJoe explores White Hat SEO Growth Hacking (

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The Smojoe SEO Show is an audience driven SEO performance workshop that happens courtesy of the crowd, and Rob Campbell, master of SEOremonies.

There’s no power point for the SMOJoe SEO Show. It is a unique presentation by Rob Campbell for internet marketing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Rob works two laptops showing off free tools, measuring keyword volumes and doing live searches while telling advertising and marketing jokes. Its a laugh & learn as the audience soaks up valuable SEO secrets.

For the first half hour, Rob teaches his vision and brings everyone in the room up to speed on his hot-to-SEO methodology. Then the fun begins...

It rains bags of free coffee courtesy of Personal Service Coffee, Office Coffee Solutions ( as participants play along and help promote some lucky person, brave enough to volunteer their website for scrutiny in a room full of social media mavens and advanced web scholars.

In the days and weeks after the show, their bravery is rewarded as they watch their web URL enjoy a rise in Google rankings.

This happy occasion is sponsored by Vigorate Digital Solutions ecommerce software ( page of unique solutions for growth hacking strategies including Facebook contest apps, online auction software, and custom loyalty programs with pin codes. Vigorate is buying the grand prize, a deluxe office coffee maker, the details to be revealed soon (as soon as we get it). This prize will be dispensed live and bequeathed to an audience member, a contributor, whose name is drawn from a hat at the end of the night.

More information about the SMOJoe SEO show can be found on the website, and Rob's blog post reveals his plans for the evening:

The event is approaching fast Wed april 23rd 2014 - its a free event - room seats 100 people - anyone can attend. The folks who make cooperative media win prizes.

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