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Do you love horses and have always wanted to spend time around them, just hanging out?

Is there something that has always drawn you towards these big, warm, powerful (yet vulnerable) animals that you would now like to explore?

Perhaps you are looking for a different way of thinking, being and learning to unblock old patterns to open up new possibilities?

……….this is where the Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) with horses can truly help!

Horses see and sense the 'real' us using their sensitivity, touch and innate wisdom. When they meet us in a caring, natural and supportive environment, great possibilities for growth happen, for them and for us.

As a herd, horses work as a group, support each other and are able to respond to difficult emotions….and then return back to grazing. In this way they teach us to do the same, freeing ourselves up from the drama and complexity of life. They don't judge us, accepting us for who we are in that moment, on that day.

With gentle and intuitive facilitation, I work with individuals and groups (both personal and professional) alongside my beautiful and gentle horses. They can help bring increased awareness and insights, helping us move 'from surviving to thriving' whether that's in family, work, relationships or all of the above!

If you are open to learning, have a warm heart and are ready to experience the magic of learning alongside horses then this wonderful experience is for you. No prior horse experience is needed at all.

All interaction with the horses is from the ground (no ridden work) and with 15 years experience of working together with people and horses I know how impactful and positive the lasting results can be. In working within a group, to witness the experience of another person as they interact authentically with a Horse can be as impactful for you as it is for another person. We work in authentic groups and support each other in our learning and growth.

Please note this is not therapy or a replacement for it. People joining these experiential sessions with horses will need to have a grounded, calm energy about them and respond to the direction of the facilitator when with the Horse - for their own safety and for that of the Horse. By having a counsellor, friend, coach or other therapist to talk through any deep emotions resulting from this work, this may help you to process the experience at a deeper level for your additional benefit.

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