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Pack Walk Irvine Spectrum!
Pack Walk Irvine Spectrum! We will be taking a nice and easy slow paced walk at irvine Spectrum center, working on calm energy utilizing each other (20 Dogs) and our environment under real world distractions :-)

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To join this pack walk you must either be a Trainer, dog walker, or already be working with a trainer and can intelligently control and manage your dog before attending. This Meetup Group helps trainers, dog walkers and owners with dogs be able to maintain training and socialization under heavy distractions in a supervised controlled but realistic environment. We explore different venues like beaches, hiking trails, parks, and city pathways. This provides mental stimulation and teaches dogs how to behave and safely coexist with each new environment. Our group is overseen and supervised by Canine Behaviorists, including Tony Nila Owner of These trainers help maintain a safe environment for peace of mind to all our participants. If you are having difficulty handling your dog and express an interest in learning to handle your dog better we will be more than happy to set you up a consultation with one of our members with a training background. There are small expenses involved with joining our group $25/month for unlimited Pack Walks and distractions! these costs are used to cover hired supervision such as Trainers, Behaviorists and equipment. If your dog displays severe aggression or fear, you must contact Tony at 949-887-3303 or visit Grumpy Puppy Dog Training's Website before joining us. The safety of all our participants is our priority. Thank you in advance for joining us and we look forward to calling you a Pack Member!

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