What we're about

Get out of town and relax profoundly, not merely superficially or temporarily. At the same time unfold more of your true nature. Appreciate the Self you really are. And notice, perhaps for the first time, how it feels to be deeply, completed contented.

Our retreats are held every weekend amid beautiful surroundings in Briarcliff Manor, Westchester County, in a modern home built in the open style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Retreats start with Friday dinner and continue until Sunday at 7 pm. They feature delicious meals, homemade from fresh, first-quality organic food, comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms, a sauna and, most tellingly, a most welcoming atmosphere.

You will have the opportunity to learn the latest in mindfulness and meditation. And if you have any particular problem, you can also get help with that.

You might, for example, be burning out at work. Or concerned about the future. Or feeling too lonely, angry, restless or confused. Or simply feeling bored or stuck, wanting more joy in your life. If so, you can expect to find new and better ways to handle your problem.

It’s not that we provide answers. We rather help you unfold more of your own wisdom, experience more of your own potential, enjoy more support from others and, ultimately, become more skillful in continuing to craft the life that, deep down, you always wanted for yourself.

You may have attempted meditation or other personal growth practices in the past and found they did not work for you. Our job is to help you find alternatives that do work. Life is not one size fits all. Our personalized program respects that truth.

Expect to leave the weekend with new energy, new perspectives, new tools to manage your life and, perhaps, a few new friends.

The cost, including room, all meals and the complete program, and including follow-up support, is regularly $450. To help more people experience this special retreat, for this season only, until December 8, 2019, the cost will be only $150!

Register while space is available. To do so, or for more information, contact Raman:
Raman@ifsu.org or 1-929-400-4347.

Transportation to the retreat is easy by car or by train directly from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. Specific directions on request.

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