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Strategies for Adult ADHD and Asperger's Group (Weekly)
**You don't have to ask, just come to these sessions, they're drop in! Everyone is welcome!!** Learn some hands-on techniques for managing and harnessing your ADHD/Aspie superpowers while getting to know people eerily similar to yourself. We're really into a sense of community so it's common that people will go out for tea or drinks after, so feel free to plan some extra time after for social stuff if you like. We're usually somewhere between 4 and 8 participants (ignore the RSVP people count). Common issues we focus on include: time management, prioritization, managing paperwork, scheduling, problem solving, goal completion, focusing, social skills, and maintaining relationships. We vote on a new topic every week. This group usually involves a discussion around a voted topic, a relevant technique or exercise, and setting a goal/intention for the week. Feel free to come alone or bring people from your life who you would like to understand your condition better. People who just want to understand ADHD/AS better can also come on their own. More info at This group is run by Lauren Stein, a counsellor & coach who specializes in ADHD and Asperger's and who herself has ADHD and symptoms of Asperger's. Cost: First session free, following sessions are $15 each *Free 2hr parking out front, or paid parking lots all around (including in Quebec Street Mall, just across the street) *People 16 years and over are welcome

The ADHD & Asperger's/ASD Centre

55 Cork St. E. Unit 305 · Guelph, ON

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Calling all ADHDers, Aspies, and their partners/family members who want to understand them better! Led by Alina Kislenko, a therapist and coach specializing in Adult ADHD and Asperger's (and who has been diagnosed with both herself!), this group unites the ADHD and AS community in Guelph and surrounding areas through our specialized monthly support groups, weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy drop in groups, and other such meetings. We also invite you to check out our free local resources for Adult ADHD and AS, including the Strange Brains Talk Radio Show, our Guelph TV series on these topics, and our very active facebook group (all can be found at

We look forward to sharing our quirks, learning to harness our superpowers, and sharing stories, tips and research with you to help make life richer for us all :)

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