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Music & Guided Meditation at First Unity of St Petersburg

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A 55 minute Music & Guided Meditation service, focusing on relaxing the body, promoting stress reduction and allowing energetic healing of the body. The meditations are done to a background of Tibetan & crystal bowls, harp, gong and/or gentle guitar. Each week we have a different theme for the guided mediation, and we open each gathering with a brief description of what the focus of that particular week will be about. The guided imagery meditations take you thru a series of visualizations to first relax your body-mind and bring you to a receptive state. We then go through a period of releasing that which we no longer need - then welcome in new and nurturing images that invite whatever it is that you feel you need to bring you to a place of wholeness. The guided mediation portion of the gathering takes about 20 to 25 minutes, then there is a period of silent mediation that lasts about 20 minutes. During this silent portion of the gathering we offer one-on-one energy work for those who wish to participate. Each week we have Shaman, Reiki and Medical Qigong energy practitioners attending, for those who wish these one-on-one energy attunements.

Concurrent with the meditation we also offer Oneness Blessings (also known as Deeksha), which is a silent blessing given by Blessing Givers (if you are not familiar with Oneness Blessings visit (These blessings are non-denominational and optional)

Also - we are now posting links to the Guided Mediations from previous weeks for those of you who were not able to attend in person. So tune in and join us at your convenience. See the links at the bottom of this page.

So we invite you to come and treat yourself so a wonder-filled and totally nurturing event. Any stress from everyday living will leave you at the door - and you will leave feeling lighter and feeling more in-tune with who you really are.

Anyone with a certification in Reiki, Qigong, Oneness Blessing, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch or other recognized form of energy work is welcome to join in the energy sharing portion of the gathering.

No special dress - come as you are, plenty of free parking. There is no charge for attending - Love Offerings are greatly appreciated. All donations go to support Unity Campus.

To see a sample of what our gatherings are like visit us on YouTube at http:


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