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Welcome Aboard, Soul Navigators!🚢

This group is founded by Youtuber, Adunola the Oracle, and is based on common principles such as how to honor ANCESTORS, develop SPIRITUAL GIFTS, connect with SPIRIT GUIDES and ANGELS known as ORISHA within African Spirituality, but we welcome ALL FAITHS and Beliefs, and do not require that one believe as we do, and is open to newcomers.

I like to think of this group as all of us being on a ship on a spiritual sea as we are navigating through life, examining our past selves, and creating our future, and we chart our course based on a common vision and goal. We are SOUL NAVIGATORS! 🚢

This group takes it BACK TO BASICS for beginners and those that want to meet like minded people as learn the following:

1. How to properly set up an Ancestor Altar for soul elevation, peace, and progress.

2. How to develop a relationship with Ancestors and Spirit Guides, and attain PROGRESS IN LIFE.

3. One on one instruction on how to properly Spiritually cleanse your body, home, and sacred space, along with Prayer and chant techniques that get Spirit’s attention.

4. Learning about the Orisha, and what their principles mean in your life and humanity.

5. Classes on understanding REINCARNATION (Atunwa).

6. Instruction on how to honor your Ori, which is your connection to the Divine, your higher self for guidance and direction.

7. Past Life Regression exercises and events.

8. Healing and/or managing depression and loneliness through connecting to your “Egbe Orun” Soul Group.

9. Healing family trauma and addictions through ancestor reverence.

10. Connect you to reputable Orisha elders locally, nationally, and internationally.


1. Those with a sincere interest in African cosmology and soul healing.

2. Those ready for a journey in self examination for life improvement.

3. Those with an open mind that believe in respect and decent character.

4. Those that are ready to Level Up Spiritually.


1. Misas known as “Egunjoko” to honor and elevate ancestors, spirit guides, and foster advice from Spirit.

2. Orisha drummings

3. “Field Trips” to Orisha based events.

4. Soul Therapy Retreats

5. Nature based walks and classwork on how to ground, connect, and respect Mother Earth.

6. Charitable events and service to the local Houston community.

7. Spiritual Parties to honor Spirit.

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