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Summer shoot : Bentley Garden Farm (FREE EVENT)

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Summer shoot : Bentley Garden Farm (FREE EVENT)


An evening of photography at an interesting farm, between Farnham and Alton, with stables, barns and old machinery. After the shoot you are invited to join your fellow photographers at the Star public house for a drink and a chat.

The evening is part of Guildford Photographic Society (GPS) series of Summer Shoots. The evening will be lead by Steve, a member of GPS.

The photo opportunities are anywhere within the stable yard on your right as you go up the entrance track. A walk between the stables and the barn takes you to a track that leads to derelict piggeries but caution is advised as the ground is uneven in that area.

There are open run down barns with wood and old farm machinery. There is also a riding school that may be in use.

Members of GPS and Guildford Meetup will be available should you have any questions (or need any help) during the evening.

In addition to a great evening of photography attendees will be able to join GPS for a reduced annual fee should they wish to more get involved (don't worry there won't be a hard sell!).

Full details of location, parking etc. will be sent to all ticket holders.


  1. All attendees do so at their own risk. The owner, GPS and Guildford Photography Meetup group accept no liability for any injury caused as a result of your visit to the farm. You attend at your own risk.
  2. Farms can be dangerous places, please take care.
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