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This meetup group is for guitar lovers of all skill levels. We have meetings aimed at beginners, intermediates, and advanced players and advertise and run open mics in Raleigh. We have a great group of people who are eager to learn and share what they know. There are various meetups through-out the RTP area and we have active members from Angier to Chapel Hill. Come on out and jam with us! See the calendar for upcoming events or weekly open mics.

Upcoming events (5+)

Learn & Share - ABBEY ROAD Pub

Abbey Road Tavern & Grill

***NOTE- as a placeholder only- currently NOT meeting in person***

Welcome to the Guitar Meet-Up Group RTP - Abbey Road - Mondays 7-10 pm

The group was founded at Abbey Road Pub in Cary by Cowboy singer/songwriter JPaul in April 2014. We gather in a reserved room each Monday from 7-10 pm, and welcome acoustic guitar players, vocalists, non-drum-kit percussionists, wood flutists, etc. who want to learn from others and share what they know.

The goal of this Meet-Up is to be a place where you can:

1) Play and sing with other guitarists and musicians

2) Share songs you like, or wrote, and show us how to play

3) Learn new songs and expand your repertoire

4) Offer playing tips to others, and learn new tips

5) Appreciate and encourage fellow players

6) Gain confidence in your playing/singing

To join us, you should:

1) Have a guitar and capo, or other acceptable instrument

2) Be open to most kinds of music (but no classical or rap)

3) Bring copies of lyrics/chords for songs you want to play

4) Be able to play basic chords, e.g. A, Am, C, D, E, Em F, G

5) Show appreciation and encouragement for others' efforts

We take turns leading songs, but we are a No-Pressure Meet-Up, and you can Play or Pass on your turn. No one expects perfection, so do your songs your way and no need to sound like any recording – just have fun with it !

Join us if you'd like to play music with others, learn/share songs and playing tips, appreciate others' skills, encourage newer players, and enjoy the company of other guitarists/musicians each Monday.

Due to space we are limited to 12 players max, so Please RSVP

See You There !

Nomads ZOOM Online Meet-up

Online event

Welcome to The Nomads ZOOM Online Learn & Share Meetup

Scroll down for ZOOM Connect info

Zoom meetups yield short travel time and great gas mileage !

- Please RSVP to Join Us
- Please Don't be a No-Show
- Please Be On Time.

This is an Acoustic Instrument meetup where we play, sing and encourage our fellow players as we share our songs and learn new ones.

7:30 - Connect, Test video & audio, Intro's as needed
7:40 - Play with songs Shared on Zoom
8:30 - Break
8:35 - Resume until 2-4 circles are complete
9:30 - Normal End time

The basic scenario is on your turn you may "Pass" or you will "Share" your song sheet so all can see, and others will mute while you play and sing. Mute is needed due to out-of-sync issues that Zoom would have with multiple members playing together. It is a bit like an Open Mic in that you'll feel like you're singing alone, but others may be playing and singing along with you while they are on mute. You may do solo's but you won't hear the accompanying chords others may be playing.

To facilitate Sharing:
1) Open the Doc, PDF, Photo or Website with the song on your computer
2) Size the open window so the lyrics are large enough to read easily
3) Minimize the window, while leaving it Open
4) When it's time to Share, click Zoom Share, then click on the window
VOILA !! You're Sharing !!

If you think you may have trouble sharing, you may email your music as attachment(s) to me beforehand, and I will share for you on your turn.
Send Word Doc, PDF, or Photo to [masked]

Songbooks (Nomads Favorites and OLD Song Packets) & MP3 files:
- http://tinyurl.com/guitarmeetupfiles/
(You will need to provide me with your email address to get read access)

Meetup Calendar - Use the Explore version to find us:

Thanks, Bob Bingham, host


Click on the Link (provided by Bob Bingham) to install Zoom if needed, and join the meetup by clicking "Open Zoom Meetings" when it appears.

Join Zoom Meeting

ZOOM Best AUDIO Settings for Music (from Music Repo - links below)

These settings should let your Music come through cleanly.

1) start Zoom on your device and click New Meeting
- - OR connect to a host-started Zoom meeting
2) click settings Gear or up-arrow by Mic icon at lower left
3) find and click Audio / Audio settings
4) select your Speakers and set Speaker Volume to about 30-40%
5) select your Microphone and set Mic Volume to around 70-80 %
6) uncheck Automatically Adjust Volume - so Zoom will not interfere
7) ignore Suppress Background Noise setting - we'll override it
8) click Advanced at lower right
9) leave Signal Processing by Windows on AUTO
10) leave Echo Cancellation on AUTO - we'll override it
11) click Enable Original Sound option - the Most Important thing to do !
12) click Disable Echo Cancellation - if echo, likely someone is not Muted
13) leave Disable High Fidelity Music unchecked to save CPU resources
14) leave Stereo Audio unchecked, if shown
15) click X in upper right to Close Audio – your settings are now saved
16) click Turn on Original Sound at start of Zoom Meetup sessions
- - - (showing Off means original microphone sound is On)

Jim Duggan provided these useful links:

Music Repo Audio Settings Video

Music Repo Step by Step instructions

Open Mic - Bluegrass Open Mic - Lorraine's Coffee - Garner

Lorraine's Coffee House + Music

This open mic is dedicated to Bluegrass music.

Ruckus Open Mic Tuesdays!!!

Ruckus Pizza & Bar

What's up all my music makin' friends out there. Come take the stage and show us your skills at Ruckus Open Mic Tuesdays! Acoustic acts, full bands, all genres of music, and comedians are welcome here. Live streaming to FB and high definition recording is also available. If you're interested in a weekend gig, come show us what ya got!

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Open Mic @ The Fainting Goat

Fainting Goat Brewing Company

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