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Gulf Breeze Pre-Cog Mystery Writers Group
Breaking Bread by Brown Bag Lunch in order to have a friendly meeting. We will discuss topics for our future workshops and classes to improve our Pre-Cog Mystery Writers Group. We will form new classes for the year 2019 and learn of each others talents, skills, biographies, and topics that interests us. We can form future events to co-create synergy, spiritual growth, and spiritual community. We can learn to do readings with our inner cosmos connection. Share the future as visionaries, and as writers of the future. Learning that we can co-create with synergy in person can be fun and inspiring. Meeting people who share in truth seeking and spiritual growth can add to community and change. We are all intuitive and this will give us a chance to exercise new growth and cmpare psychic hits and learn what books practitioners are using in the new integrative medicines besides reiki, dowsing, yoga, and other alternative medicines. Sacred Sound, Numerology, and various metaphysical and neuroscience topics available on youtube channels are welcome to share after our formal meeting. We will spend 1st hour meeting new people in our circle. 2nd hour will be for sharing personal questions and how to fit into the group with your choices, and 3rd hour will be partnering buddy system or groups of four for learning and sharing skill sets and writing books for future members to share as a guide

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You are the author of your own life Story! Learn to use your own pre-cognition, intuition, imaginations, psychic energy to share in science fiction, fantasy, or documentaries or write your own books and sell on amazon, lulu with Theresa J Morris, author, speaker, workshop presenter. We can have events and do readings or have a luncheon with a speaker for spiritual growth and learn more about the cosmos, numerology, psychic readings, and what you want to share in the future with others. We are truth seekers, and tribe builders.

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