Baltimore City Nature Challenge - Bioblitzing Jerusalem Mill


Location image of event venue


The City Nature Challenge is a friendly competition between cities all over the world to see which city can make the most iNaturalist observations and identify wildlife species over a 4-day period. Last year, Baltimore ranked #20 out of 68 cities, with over 5,000 observations of 970+ species. Join park staff to explore the sky, land and river at Jerusalem Mill to observe and take pictures of birds, trees, fish, amphibians, macroinvertebrates, reptiles, mammals, insects, fungi, and more! You are welcome to send your pictures to your guide for upload, or to download the iNaturalist mobile app (for free) before the program to upload the pictures you take yourself. This is a great activity for families! Park staff will help identify the species you find, however experts will be assessing the pictures on iNaturalist the following week.

Let's help Baltimore win the competition this year! For more information about the Baltimore City Nature Challenge, click here: