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Most sales calls are met with at least one objection. Don’t take it personally. Learn to LOVE objections and determine ways to turn it into sales. Develop your skill on how to handle and overcome it with grace and confidence.
Here are few most common objections we come across:
1. “Your price is too high.”
2. “We’re not in the market for that right now.”
3. “Just send me some information and if I’m interested, I’ll call you.”
4. “We are already using another vendor.”
5. “I’m not interested.”

In this Session we will discuss and share responses to the most common sales objections.

Speaker: Vinod Mehra is Founder @ Neev Consultancy; Advisor to Smartlife NGO in Dubai. He is Blockchain and Social selling evangelist. And spoken in UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Lebanon.

Who must attend: Sales professionals Marketing professionals, Consultants, Freelancers,
Startups, Entrepreneurs. Anyone who would like to convert Sales objections into Sales orders.

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