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Games only session_Advance Only @ Little Venice Sports Centre
We are pleased to announce that our new Thursday session is openat the Little Venice Sports centre from 14 June to 30 August! --When do you play? 3 Courts from 7.00 to 10.00 pm on Thursday. --Session fees: Men And Women Are Equal Now!!! £9 for everybody If the committee members feel that your standard is not yet up to the level required, you will be asked to join our other more social sessions, which open to all categories. So please do not take it the wrong way. --RSVP policy: Abusing the meet-up booking system, Thursday sessions gets fully booked up quickly partly because many people RSVP to include "guests" who in fact are members of the meet-up group. This type of 'hoarding' unfairly favours those "guests" as they don't have to sign up on time, but this is very unfair to other members who cannot be online as soon as RSVP opens. We do not allow this type of guest-hoarding abuse in order to be fair to all members. All members need to RSVP themselves. Penalty charges for breaking the following rules: 1) Did not RVSP - £ 4.00 + session fees 2) Cancel last minutes (24 hours before, ie after 7pm Wednesday) - £ 4.00 Penalty still applies whether or not the spaces vacated filled by other members. 3) No show - £ 9.00 Since receiving comments from some players, we are making some alteration to the RSVP system. If a player RVSP to an event, he/she should be the one turning up for the event, there will NOT be any transfer to another person to attend. It is only fair and reasonable for members who are on the waiting list. A penalty of £8 will be applicable if the member who RSVP'd doesn't turn up for the event himself/herself. What shuttles do you play with? Feather shuttlecocks will be supplied. What about racket? You can purchase excellent Finnex racquets from Andy. Test racquets are available. What about insurance? We are private individuals getting together to play for fun, therefore we accept no liability for any loss or injury, however sustained, while taking part in club activities. If you want to cover yourself against injury to yourself or others, please make sure you have the appropriate insurance. In the interest of health and safety, proper wear is a must in this club which means no casual wear and no barefoot on the court. RSVP "Yes" to book a spot! If your plans changed and you can no longer attend the session you have booked please show some consideration and change your RSVP from 'Yes' to 'No' at the earliest opportunity. If people who RSPV but no shows will be charged £9 booking fees upon the next visit.

Little Venice Sports Centre

10 Crompton Street London W2 1ND · London


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Guys & Dolls Badminton Group was founded in 2005 by a group of social badminton addicts. In the space of a few years, we have attracted intermediate, advanced and ex-professional players from all over the world to share in the fun and passion of badminton, and our league teams have enjoyed considerable success in the last two seasons, with our ladies’, men’s and mixed teams all gaining promotion.

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Good quality feather shuttles are provided. We welcome players of all standard to join us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. Thursdays are for Intermediate and Advanced players only.

Session fees

£ 9 (Games Only)
£ 15 (Training & Games)

Penalty charges for breaking the following rules:

1) Did not RVSP - £ 4.00 + session fees

2) Cancel last minutes (24 hours before the event) - £ 4.00

3) No show - £ 9.00 and £ 15.00 (Training & Games)


Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street, London W2 1ND

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Please note peg's system are going to use during the games to ensure everyone have a competitve and well balance games. For more infomation about peg system please click here (

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